In the year of falling masks CYNETART 2020 presents over 30 days of electronic music, performance, lectures and dance in the art spaces GEH8, C.Rockefeller Center for the contemporay Arts Dresden, objekt klein a, Festspielhaus Hellerau as well as on the CYNETART Online Portal.
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Maria Chiara de' Nobili & Ulf Langheinrich


Festspielhaus Hellerau, premiere
Highly limited seats!

Elastic joints. Dancing as a drill of jaktations. Slower and slower. More and more nervous. Progressing in senseless loops, circling around the same feverishly throbbing memories, which are not memories at all but inventions, wandering in sensory deprivation. There is no reason. There was nothing. And there is nothing. This is how it can work, the metamorphosis from beast to borg. Behind the Schwarzschild radius all bodies, all images, all light, all sense and all hope are silted up, forgotten, lost in the Hades of the New Age.


Fri 16th Oct 18:00 17/8 € BUY
Fri 16th Oct 21:00 17/8 € BUY

Sat 17th Oct 18:00 17/8 € BUY
Sat 17th Oct 18:00 17/8 € BUY

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