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Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth


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CACHE/SPIRIT is the alien love child of Animistic Beliefs and media artist Jeisson Drenth. Originally conceived in conversations in Rotterdam, this project now lives as a digital network of ideas and files that manifest in different configurations. CACHE/SPIRIT is a space where studying ‘the self’ and the ‘other’ meets avant-garde audiovisual production using a rich collection of techniques, instruments, moving images and languages from different times and territories.

This next instalment of CACHE/SPIRIT presents the development of the three artist’s live A/V show from event to living and breathing artefact. It brings together an expansive collection of diverse techniques for artistic expression that the three love to work with. Drum machines and synthesisers create new worlds of sound; (un)edited conversations and writings inform moving images; the unearthing of the artist‘s ancestor’s history shapes their ways of being. The project introduces both the artists and their audiences to different languages and instruments e.g Vietnamese and Colombian writings, percussion instruments native to the Maluku Islands and contemporary image production techniques like visually similar image search algorithms and 3D scanning. These both technical and emotional research trajectories come together physically in a design of video projection and multiple palm computers - a space for new audiences to visit, (un)learn, move and (dis)connect.

CACHE/SPIRIT with both its frenetic and contemplative character, combines Animistic Beliefs other-worldly sounds with Drenth’s unique visual language of techno-spirituality. It is a warm invitation into the minds of three distinct artists that passionately try to make sense of the visible and invisible world.

CACHE/SPIRIT [Installation] Erstpräsentation, eine Auftragsarbeit der

Linh Luu und Marvin Lalihatu sind Animistic Beliefs, ein DJ- und Produzent*innen-Duo für futuristische Clubsounds aus Rotterdam. Beide setzen eine protofuturistische Spürbarkeit in ihrer künstlerischen Arbeit ein, indem sie fesselnde, okkulte Strukturen einbauen, diese verdrehen und verzerren. Zusammen mit New-Media-Künstler Jeisson Drenth arbeiten sie zu dritt an den Ausdruckswelten der Arbeit »CACHE/SPIRIT«.

Marvin Lalihatu received his BA in Music and Sound Design from The Rotterdam Academy of Pop Music before studying Electrical Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. His work is based on his experience as a Moluccan-Dutch eccentric in Rotterdam, being stuck between a multitude of cultures and his life as a teenager in the Y2K era.
As part of techno/electro duo ANIMISTIC BELIEFS, Marvin Lalihatu has drawn inspiration from the rave, bubbling and fluxwork scenes as well as social anthropology, fashion, politics and new media artforms. Building on these experiences, he is now looking to expand his research and output as XAKALELE, focusing on his indigenous Moluccan heritage as well as the vibrant melting pot of music scenes in The Netherlands and those far beyond Europe.

Linh Luu acquired her BA in Leisure Management and Event Production from Willem De Kooning Academy before diving into the music scene as an artist. Her work tells a tale about her challenge with self-acceptance and identity, drawing inspiration from punk, early hardcore and 00s R&B.
As half of techno/electro duo ANIMISTIC BELIEFS, Linh Luu explores her Chinese-Vietnamese roots and expresses her (bi)sexuality through a combination of rhythms, vocals, visual images and fashion. With her new project rbf.linh, she plays with dark and unpolished dance floor sounds as a protest against asian female stereotypes.

Jeisson Drenth is a media artist dedicated to making experimental and meaningful contributions to contemporary visual culture. His ongoing research translates to both commissioned and self-initiated projects which are shared with different audiences in different online and offline experiences. In an effort to make sense of the visible and invisible world, Jeisson brings together texts, both in writing and speech, data, poetry and numerous image production techniques.

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